Cocktail Shakers

Cocktail Shakers

Browse our wide range of Cocktail shakers which are available in glass, stainless steel or acrylics. All will help you mix the perfect cocktail whatever your favourite mix is.

Unique Cocktail Shakers (Choose Size)

CODE: grbca/50

Unique Cocktail Shaker. This uniquely shaped mirror polished cocktail shaker has an inbuilt strainer and airtight stainless steel lid. Available with either... More
  • 500cc 
  • 800cc 

Cocktail Shaker

CODE: grbcg/70

Mirror Polished Cocktail Shaker This quality 700ml mirror polished stainless steel cocktail shaker has an airtight cap and a strainer for easy pouring....

Cocktail Shaker - 500cc

CODE: grbcp50

Cocktail Shaker This quality cocktail shaker is produced in mirror polished stainless steel with an airtight lid and an integral strainer for easy pouring.... More

Cocktail Shaker - 500cc

CODE: grbcs50

Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker Mix the perfect cocktail with this 500ml stainless steel cocktail shaker which also features an integral strainer and an...

Pacific Cocktail Shakers (Choose Size)

CODE: grgt-605

These modern stainless steel mirror polished Pacific cocktail shakers are available with a capacity of 350ml or 500ml and have a stylish airtight cap and... More
  • 350cc 
  • 500cc 

Boston Glass 700ml Cocktail Shaker

CODE: lcbcboston

Glass Cocktail Shaker This Glass 700ml Cocktail Shaker from Bar Craft has a contrasting stainless steel lid and cocktail recipe markings printed on the... More

Cocktail Shaker 500ml

CODE: lcbcshak5

Stainless Steel Ribbed Cocktail Shaker This Stainless Steel 500ml Cocktail Shaker, with highly polished mirror finish has an innovative ribbed design for a...

Acrylic Cocktail Shaker

CODE: lcbcshakacr

Acrylic Cocktail Shaker This Bar Craft acrylic cocktail shaker has handy cocktail recipes markings to the outside, ideal for making your favourite... More

Luxe Lounge Traditional 400ml Boston Cocktail Shaker

CODE: lc-bcllboston

This Luxe Lounge cocktail shaker is ideal for shaking and serving a range of lovely cocktails. Perfect for making your favourite cocktails, it features... More

Bar Craft Glass Cocktail Shaker

CODE: lc-bcshakcol

If you love cocktails then you will love this Glass Cocktail Shaker - the must have piece for all you cocktail fans! A lot more stylish then your average... More

Bar Craft Boston Cocktail Shaker

CODE: lc-bcllboston700

A stylish, glass cocktail shaker with 6 clearly marked cocktail recipes printed on the sides. This makes a fantastic gift for any keen Cocktail mixer,... More

Bar Craft Copper Finish 500ml Cocktail Shaker

CODE: lc-bcllshaker500

This elegant copper finish cocktail shaker will be a unique gift for anyone that likes a tipple! A classic icon of sophistication and revelry. After a long... More