Fish and Seafood Cooking and Preparation

Cooking Fish

Cooking Seafood

For all seafood lovers, our range of fish preparation tools will be an invaluable addition to your kitchen

Our range includes oyster knives, mussel pots, prawn peelers and deveiners, lobster forks and crab or lobster crackers. We also offer fish poachers and steamers as well as fish lifters and bone removers, along with ice chilled servers and even fish shaped moulds and fish grills.


Fish Kettle (Choose Size)


Acrylic Appetizer Set on Ice


Judge Harlequin Granite 18cm Mussel Pot

£38.00   £21.99

Aluminium Lobster & Crab Crackers


Fish Bone Remover


Aluminium Fish Scaler


Crab and Lobster Crackers


Fish Bone Remover


Oyster Knife


Oyster Opening Set


Stainless Steel Crab / Lobster Crackers an...


Stainless Steel Seafood Forks set of four


Master Class Oyster Knife


Fish Poacher (Choose Size)


Oyster Knife


Stellar Rochester Fish Knives

£60.00   £27.99
Sushi Maker

Sushi Maker


Salmon Fish Board

£44.99   £33.99
Mussels Pot

Mussels Pot (Choose Size)

Kitchen Craft Microwave Fish Steamer

Kitchen Craft Microwave Fish Steamer


Global Stainless Steel Fish Bone Tweezers ...

£45.00   £29.95

Laguiole mussels pot with 2 mussel pickers...