Garlic Presses and Storage

Cooking with Garlic

Garlic Presses and Storage

Garlic adds a wonderful distinctive flavour to many dishes, but chopping the garlic can be a fiddly and time consuming, a garlic press or garlic dicer offers a simple solution and additionally releases natural allicin which are believed to have many health benefits.

Additionally we offer rubber garlic peelers to effortlessly remove the outer skin of the garlic, garlic bakers and storage pots.

  Product Product code Price  
Garlic Storage Pot

CODE: lcgarcer

Garlic Board

CODE: gat10106b

Plastic Garlic Press

CODE: lcgarlic

Aluminium Garlic Press & Cherry Destoner

CODE: lcgarlical

Cast Garlic Press

CODE: lcmcgp

Rubber Garlic Peeler

CODE: lcpeel

Garlic Press

CODE: lcprogar

Master Class Garlic Press

CODE: mcsggp

Garlic Zoom

CODE: xed15678210

Garlic Press and Cherry Pitter

CODE: xed17840642

Terracotta Garlic Pot

CODE: xed17850005

Garlic Baker

CODE: xed17850006

Garlic Press - (Choose Colour)

CODE: lc-cwzgarlicblk

Garlic And Herb Cutter Garlic And Herb Cutter

CODE: lc-mcdcdice

Garlic Bag Garlic Bag

CODE: lcgarbag

FreshForce™ Garlic Press FreshForce™ Garlic Press

CODE: xed15638001

Garlic Slicer Garlic Slicer

CODE: xed15628009

Stellar Soft Touch Garlic Press Stellar Soft Touch Garlic Press

CODE: sa08c

Judge Garlic Press

CODE: tc217

White Garlic Press White Garlic Press

CODE: opa8699

Master Class Garlic Press & Slicer Master Class Garlic Press & Slicer

CODE: lc-mcgarlicblk

Reo Garlic Smasher & Shredder Reo Garlic Smasher & Shredder

CODE: lc-5125741

Kitchen Craft Silicone Garlic Peeler Kitchen Craft Silicone Garlic Peeler

CODE: lcgarpeel