Global G Series Knives

Global G Series Knives

Global G Series Knives

The Global G Series is a range of longer bladed knives. Each one has a hollow weighted handle to provide perfect balance in the hand during use.

The smooth contours and seemless construction eliminate food and dirt traps, offering the ultimate in safety and hygiene.

The G Series has a wide range of knives from the basic essencials such as a cook's knive and a carving knife through to more specialist knives such as Yanagi sashimi, Swedish filleters and fluted Santoku knives.

Not for sale to persons under the age of 18. By placing an order for these products, you declare that you are 18 years of age or over.

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  Product Product code Price  
Global Carving Knife - 21cm

CODE: g-3

Global Carving Fork - Bent

CODE: g-13

Global Boning Knife - 16cm

CODE: g-21

Global Bread Knife - 22cm

CODE: g-9

Global Scalloped Bread Knife - 2 Sizes

CODE: g-22

Global Butcher's Knife - 18cm

CODE: g-28

Global Cook's Knives - 5 Sizes

CODE: g-58

Global Filleting Knives - 3 Sizes

CODE: g-20

Global Ham/ Salmon Slicer - 31cm

CODE: g-10

Global Meat Chopper - 16cm

CODE: g-12

Global Meat and Fish Knife - 18cm

CODE: g-29

Global Oriental Cook's Knife - 18cm

CODE: g-4

Global Oriental Deba Knife - 18cm

CODE: g-7

Global Roast Slicer - 22cm

CODE: g-8

Global Santoku - Fluted - 18cm

CODE: g-48

Global Santoku - Plain - 18cm

CODE: g-46

Global Sashimi Knife - 25cm

CODE: g-47

Global Slicer - 18cm

CODE: g-6

Global Slicer - 21cm

CODE: g-1

Global Swedish Filleter - 21cm

CODE: g-30

Global Tako Sashimi Knife - 24cm

CODE: g-15

Global Vegetable Chopper - 18cm

CODE: g-5

Global Yanagi Sashimi Knives - 2 Sizes

CODE: g-11

Global Chinese Vegetable Chopper

CODE: g-49

Global Chinese Chopper

CODE: g-50

Global Chef's Knife - 16cm

CODE: g-57

Global Fluted Ham Slicer - 2 Sizes

CODE: g-60