Tea Pots

Tea Pots

Stainless Steel Tea Pots

At Legend we offer a wide variety of stainless steel tea pots to suit every taste and budget. The tea pots we offer come in a range of sizes. When choosing the size of your tea pot consider that a typical cup is 6fl oz and the typical mug is 8 to 10fl oz. So if you are looking for a tea pot to make 4 mugs of tea, you will need at least a 32oz tea pot.

To help with conversion rates 1oz = 1fl oz. 1 Pint = 20 fl oz. 1 Litre = 35fl oz.

Most of our tea pot ranges have complementary:

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Black Connoisserve Tea Pots


White Connoisserve Tea Pot


Stainless Steel Tea Pots (Choose Size)


Bellux Mirror Finish Tea Pots (choose size)


Bellux Satin Finish Tea Pots (Choose Size)


Bellux Thermal Wall Tea Pots (Choose Size)


Royal Tea Pot - Brazed Spout (Choose Size)


Royal Tea Pot - Argon Welded Spout (Choos...


Art Deco Tea Pots (Choose Size)


Art Deco Thermal Wall Tea Pots (Choose Size)


Grandeur Teapots (Choose Size)


Rondeo Tea Pots (Choose Size)


Rondo Infuser Tea Pot (Choose Size)


Cafelux Universal Teapots (Choose Size)


Horwood Teapots (Choose Size)

£28.00   £14.49

Judge Teapot (Choose Size)

£44.00   £22.99

Glass 1 Litre Infuser Teapot


Stainless Steel Teapots (Choose Size)


Art Deco Traditional Teapots (Choose Size)

£80.00   £40.99

Art Deco Continental Teapots (Choose Size)

£72.00   £37.99

Art Deco Traditional Teapot - 62oz - 1.8L

£116.00   £61.00

Stellar Oslo Teapots (Choose Size)

£70.00   £36.99

Stellar Continental Teapots (Choose Size)

£62.00   £31.49

Stellar Traditional Teapots (Choose Size)

£62.00   £31.49
Belmont Filter Teapot

Belmont Filter Teapots (Choose Size)


Horwood Teapots with Phenolic Handles (Ch...

£28.00   £14.49
Large Catering Teapots

Large Catering Teapots (Choose Size)

Stellar Lugano Teapot (Choose Size)

Stellar Lugano Teapot (Choose Size)

Stellar Lugano Tall Teapot

Stellar Lugano Tall Teapot


Judge Tall Teapot 0.6L