Best 4 Runner Bean Slicers

Top Runner Bean Slicers

BUYING GUIDE: Choosing a bean slicer to suit your needs can be a tricky business, here we list our 5 top recommendations of a bean slicer


1/. Best Runner Bean Slicer for Value

This simple runner bean slicer also tops and tails quickly and easily. It is small enough to fit in your cutlery drawer.

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Cheapest Runner Bean Slicer

2/. Best Runner Bean Slicer for grip.

This Culinaire Bean Slicer has an adjusting spring to hold the bean in place while you simply pull it though making it easy to remove the edges perfectly.

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Culinaire Bean Slicer

3/. Best Runner Bean Slicer for Ease of Use

This suction based runner bean slicer clamps itself to a worksurface allowing you to simply feed in the runner beans and turn the handle to slice.

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Rotary Bean Slicer

4/. Best all round Bean Slicer

This bean slicer clamps to a worksurface allowing for quick and efficient bean slicing at the turn of a handle.

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Screw Clamp Bean Slicer

Recipe Ideas for Runner Beans

Runner beans with tomato, garlic & chilli

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Nutritrion per Serving

111 kcalories, protein 2.8g, carbohydrate 5.4g, fat 8.9 g, saturated fat 1.3g, fibre 1.6g, salt 0.09 g