Chopping Boards

At Legend Cookshop we offer a wide variety of chopping boards to serve every purpose and need.

Our Wooden Chopping Boards are available in a variety of different woods such as Hevea, Oak, Bamboo, Acacia and come in various shapes and sizes. They are ideal for chopping and slicing.

Many of our Polyethylene Chopping Boards come with non slip corners for extra protection against movement, these reversible boards are non-absorbant of stains or smells and gentle on the edges of Knives.

Our Colour Coded Chopping Boards are ideal for maintaining hygiene in both home or workplace kitchens and restaurants, with each board coloured to the standard health and hygiene for cutting different meats, fish, vegetables, poultry and fruit. For further safety we also supply a wide selection of Colour Coded Knives.

We have recently added a wide selection of Toughened Glass Worktop Savers which can be used for slicing and Preparing Food or as Trivets.

Our Marble Boards offer excellent value for money and can be used for cutting, slicing and rolling Pastry.

The range of Bread Cutting Boards we offer includes reversible slatted, wooden handcarved boards and those made from stylish Bamboo.

Our Carving Trays and Boards are available in both wood or stainless steel with spikes to hold the meat in place as well as a moat to catch any fat from spilling onto your work surface. We also supply a full range of Carving Knives and Carving Forks.

Cheese Slicing Boards are available in marble, wood and ceramic either with cheese cutting wires or for use with a Cheese Cutting Knife.