Knife Sales

Please Note: We will only take orders for Knives and bladed objects from those over the age of 21. All orders for these items will need to provide proof of age before the items will be shipped in packaging that shows the product contained is an age restricted item.

Casserole Pans

Casserole Pans


Commichef Cast Iron Orange Casseroles (Cho...

£73.99   £57.99
Ceramic Casserole

Ceramic Casserole (Choose Size)


Casserole Oval 5.0L - Black


Casserole Oval 5.0L - Cream


Round Red Cast Iron Casseroles (Choose Size)


Black Round Cast Iron Casseroles (Choose S...


Horwood 24cm Casserole - Phenolic Fittings

£62.00   £30.99

Judge 22cm Non-Stick Casserole Pans (Choos...

£46.00   £23.00

Judge Vista Casseroles (Choose Size)

£62.00   £30.99

Stellar Lamina 5L Casserole

£150.00   £75.00

Stellar 1000 Casserole Pans (Choose Size)

£80.00   £40.00

Stellar 6000 24cm Casserole 5.5litre

£138.00   £69.00

Stellar 7000 Casserole Pan

£114.00   £57.00
Stellar Cast Iron Casserole

Stellar Easy Lift Cast Iron Casserole (Cho...

£90.00   £45.00
James Martin Casserole

James Martin Casserole


Judge Mini Casserole 3 Piece Set

Colourworks Porcelain 2.5 Litre Casserole

Colourworks Porcelain 2.5 Litre Casserole ...


28cm Oval Cast Iron Casserole Dish - Cream

White Ceramic Casserole Dish With Lid

White Ceramic Casserole Dish With Lid | CA...


Commichef Provencale Cast Iron Casserole D...