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Sets of Cookie Cutters

At Legend Cookshops we offer a whole array of themed cookie cutter sets either for specific events such as our Christmas, Easter, Valentines or Halloween Cookie Cutter Sets or just for everyday fun. With such a choice of horses, cars, clothes, dinosaurs, butterflies, flowers, letters, numbers and many more there is something to bring a smile to everyones face.

Cookie Cutters are a fantastic way to introduce your little ones to helping with the cooking too and we now offer a 101 Cookie Cutters made from plastic in a set to keep them entertained for hours.

You don't just need to use these cookie cutters to make biscuits! To add a little more life, use them to cut sandwiches in to fun shapes too!


Butterflies Cookie Cutters


Novelty Shaped Cookie Cutters


Farm Animals Cookie Cutters


Flower Shaped Cookie Cutters


Jungle Shaped Cookie Cutters


Leaves Cookie Cutter Set


Assorted Mini Cookie Cutters, set of twelve


Assorted Fluted Cutters


Square Cookie Cutters


Star Shaped Cookie Cutters


Transport Shaped Cookie Cutters


Alpha-Numeric Pastry Cutters


Alphabet Cutters


Dinosaur Cookie Cutters, set of four


Gingerbread Family Cutters, set of four


Traditional Star Cookie Cutter Set


Heart Cookie Cutter Set


Playing Card Cookie Cutters


Six Round Cookie Cutters


Six Crinkle Edged Round Cookie Cutters


Large Alphabet Cookie Cutters


Feet Cookie Cutters


Crinkled Pastry Cutter Set


Valentine Cookie Cutters


Assorted Mini Cookie Cutters

Ocean Creatures Cookie Cutters

Ocean Creatures Cookie Cutters

Seven Piece Train Cookie Cutter Set

Seven Piece Train Cookie Cutter Set

Numeral Cookie Cutter Set

Numeral Cookie Cutter Set


Judge Stainless Steel Number Cutters


Set of 26 Small Alphabet Cutters Stainless...