General Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning and Tidying Products

Our General Kitchen Cleaning page contains useful items such as ceramic hob scrapers, can crushers, sink hole protectors, fridge deodorisers, grill cleaning brushes, rubber draining mats, sink mats, microfibre cloths and kitchen cleaning solutions.


Coated Wireware Sink Mat - White or Cream


Oval Sink Basket - White or Cream


Sink Plate Basket


Crumb Sweeper


Eco Friendly Red Wine Remover


Can Crusher Lever Arm


Stainless Steel Ceramic Hob Scraper


Stainless Steel Replacement Blades for Scr...


Rubber Draining Board Mat 51cm x 41cm


Fresh Food Preserver


Foot Operated Can Crusher


Stainless Steel Finger Fresh Bar


Grill and Barbecue Grid Cleaning Brush


Wooden Handled Mushroom Brush


Fridge Deodoriser


Stainless Steel Sink Strainer


Aluminium Large Sink Strainer


Rubber Sink Mat 29cm x 24cm


Vegetable Cleaning Brush


Nylon Laundry Bag 24cm x 40cm


Ceramic Hob and Glass Scraper


Plastic Sink Strainers - Pack of 2


Stellar Microfibre Cleaning Cloth (Pack of 2)


Stainless Steel Soap and Holder


Dish Brush


Odour Remover and Holder

Stellar Stainless Steel Soap

Stellar Stainless Steel Soap


Judge Stainless Steel Soap with Stand

Black Sink Plate Basket

Black Sink Plate Basket

Kitchen Craft Sink Plug & Strainer

Kitchen Craft Sink Plug & Strainer