Invisible Plate Hanger

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Invisible Plate Hangers (Choose Size)

CODE: lcinv1

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  • 3cm (1.25") 
  • 5cm (2") 
  • 7.5cm (3") 
  • 10cm (4") 
  • 14cm (5.5") 

Invisible Plate Hangers

Plate Hangers, with adhesive discs and hanging rings that attach to the reverse of plates. Enabling you to display an array ceramic and glass plates or plaques, without the risk of breaking or chipping them. Available in 5 sizes:

1¼" (3cm) for plates up to 10cm in diameter.2" (5cm) for plates up to 15cm in diameter3" (7.5cm) for plates up to 20cm in diameter4" (10cm) for plates up to 30cm in diameter5½" (14cm) for holding up to 3kg in weight. Designed to be removed from the plate without spoiling the plate or it's markings if no longer needed.

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