Judge Harlequin Saucepans & Cookware

Judge Harlequin Enamel Induction Saucepans

Judge Harlequin Enamel Induction Cookware

Made from steel with a heavy enamel coating our Judge Harlequin range is all available in either vanilla, green, black, red or white (excluding the bread bin) and is suitable for all hobs including induction.

The saucepans and frying pans all come with pheonic handles which are oven safe up to 180°C and Teflon classic non-stick coating.

The casseroles, stockpots and roasters feature hollow handles and the whole range is finished with stainless steel trim.


Judge Induction Milkpans (Choose Colour)

£26.00   £13.49

Judge Induction 16cm Saucepans (Choose Col...

£34.00   £18.99

Judge Induction 18cm Saucepans (Choose Col...

£38.00   £20.49

Judge Induction 20cm Saucepans (Choose Col...

£40.00   £21.99

Judge Induction 20cm Omelette Pans (Choose...

£28.00   £14.49

Judge 24cm Saute Pans (Choose Colour)

£52.00   £28.99

Judge 24cm Non Stick Frypans (Choose Colour)

£30.00   £15.49

Judge 26cm Non Stick Frypans (Choose Colour)

£34.00   £18.99

Judge 22cm Non-Stick Casserole Pans (Choos...

£46.00   £23.00

Judge 24cm Non-Stick Stockpots (Choose Col...

£74.00   £37.00

Judge Round Roasters (Choose Colour)

£42.00   £21.00

Judge 5.2L Oval Roasters (Choose Colour)

£74.00   £37.00

Judge Induction 3 Piece Saucepan Sets (Cho...

£112.00   £56.00

Judge Induction 5 Piece Cookware Sets (Cho...

£168.00   £84.00

Judge Harlequin 20cm Omelette Pan - Choose...

£28.00   £14.49

Cream Enamel Bread Bin

£74.00   £37.00
Black Bread Bin

Round Enamel Bread Bin (Choose Colour)

£74.00   £37.00

Black Judge Open Frypans (Choose Size)

£30.00   £15.49