Kitchen Accessories - General

General Kitchen Accessories

View this page to see our miscellaneous general kitchen accessories, for items such as can strainers, fridge fresh, spice balls, memo holders as well as ways to create extra storage space in your kitchen with our udershelf baskets and shelf stackers.


Stacking Shelf - Standard


Stacking Shelf - Large


Undershelf Basket - Enclosed Front


Freezer Labels


Glass Labelling Pens - Pack of Two


Spice Bags


Stainless Steel Spice Ball


Self Adhesive Spice Labels pack of forty ...


Stainless Steel Food Can Strainer


Rayon Cooking String


Silicone Cooking Twine


Judge Table Top Bin

Black Undershelf Basket

Black Undershelf Basket - Enclosed Front


Living Nostalgia Vintage Peg Tin (Choose ...


Living Nostalgia Antique Sink Tidy (Choose...


Lesser and Pavey 23 cm Home Sweet Home Lau...


Lesser and Pavey 20cm Home Sweet Home Dog ...

White Ceramic 12 Egg Fridge Plate

White Ceramic 12 Egg Fridge Plate | EGG FR...

White Ceramic 6 Egg Fridge Plate

White Ceramic 6 Egg Fridge Plate | EGG FRI...


Colourworks Fold Out Reusable Shopping Bag


World of Flavours Stateside Open All Hours...