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Please Note: We will only take orders for Knives and bladed objects from those over the age of 21. All orders for these items will need to provide proof of age before the items will be shipped in packaging that shows the product contained is an age restricted item.

Kitchen Knives

Choosing the Right Knife

Paring Knife is a small knife used for the preparation of fruit and vegetables. The blade is firm, with a sharply pointed end for picking out pips and eyes.
Pare: To remove the skin or outer covering of a fruit or vegetable.
Peel: Similar to paring. Due to it's small size, a paring knife is very manoeuvrable, enabling you to peel of the skin of the fruit or vegetable.
Chef's Knife: The most used knife in the kitchen, suitable for a variety of tasks. The blade is curved to allow a rocking motion, so that chopping chopping can be done with the minimum of force.
Utility Knife: Suitable for various cutting tasks, essentially a smaller version of a chef's knife.
Boning Knife: Used to debone meat such as chicken, usually when the meat is raw. This knife has a thin, flexible blade that curves upwards to enable the user to work the blade around the bones.
Bread Knife: Usually with a serrated blade and used for cutting bakery products and other foods that are hard on the outside and soft in the middle, including tomatoes.

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