La Cuisine Cast Iron Cookware

La Cuisine from Legend offers the highest quality cast iron cookware at affordable prices.

Unlike traditional floor casting, La Cuisine uses the latest technology to produce it's products, using two sand moulds that provide a very fine finish that is lighter and as each mould is only used once, each piece is unique.

The whole range has been designed by Marcus Notley and uses rich deep colours.
  • The handles offer a unique wide angle wedge for greater comfort and to provide a secure grip when being carried.
  • The top of the lids of the casserole range has three stepped ridges, which collect the flavoured steam droplets and return them more evenly back into the cooking food. Which keeps the meal moist and enhances the flavour.
  • The base of the La Cuisine casserole pans is slightly thicker than the sides to create a more even heat spread.

    Cast Iron is energy efficient, suitable for ALL types of hobs and intrinsically safe. Even at high temperatures it does not emit any dangerous toxins.