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Nutmeg & Spice Grater

CODE: lcnutmeg

Price: £2.79

Stainless Steel Nutmeg & Spice Grater

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Bamboo Spiked Carving Board (Choose Size)

CODE: grcb-4028bmb

£39.99   £29.99
Bamboo Spiked Carving Board with removable spike for safe storage and effective collection of cooking juices. Available in two sizes: 40cm x 26cm Natural... More
  • 40 x 28cm 
  • 48 x 36cm 

Herb Scissors

CODE: lcherbsci

19cm Herb Scissors with five stainless steel blades. Ideal for chopping chives and herbs.

Judge Roasters - 3 Sizes

CODE: jb04

£18.00   £8.99
Judge Roasting Pans - Available in 3 sizes: Top performing Non-Stick coating Non-Stick inside and out Made from heavy duty steel with rolled edges... More
  • Small Roaster - 27 x 23 x 4.5cm 
  • Medium Roaster - 31.5 x 26 x 5cm 
  • Large Roaster - 38 x 30.5 x 6cm 

24cm Nylon Head Serving Tongs

CODE: tc85

Judge Serving Tongs with nylon head and locking mechanism. Suitable for use on non-stick pans.

Deluxe Blowtorch - Black

CODE: mcbtdlxblk

This Master Class blowtorch features a safety lock, flame adjuster, fuel window and a magnetic detachable stand. The safety adjustable anti-flare flame works... More

Wire Splatter Screens (Choose Size)

CODE: lcsplatsm

Wire Splatter Screens Keep the kitchen and yourself safe when cooking or frying with this wire screen splatter guard, which prevents hot oil, fat or water... More
  • 20cm diameter 
  • 28cm diameter 
  • 33cm diameter