Induction Hob

How Induction Hobs Work

A very strong magnetic field is created by electricity running through an electrical coil positioned under a ceramic plate. The induction current created by the magnetic field generates heat in any cookware capable of being magnetised standing on the ceramic plate. The cookware almost instantly reaches the hob temperature selected.

Only pans that can be magnetised can be used on the Induction Hob - Look for pans on our site that are described as being suitable for 'ALL hobs'. These include some pans that, although made of non-magnetic metals, have special bases that make them suitable. If a pan base will hold a fridge magnet it is suitable for Induction Hob use.


The advantages are: Safety - Only the pan is heated - the ceramic plate remains relatively cool. When the pan is removed or the hob is turned 'off' , heating instantly stops and the residual heat o the creamic plate quickly cools. No spillage during cooking will bake onto a hot area.

Energy Efficiency - Energy savings compared with conventional hobs can be in the region of 40% to 70%.

Convenience - Designed for counter-top use, the hob provides a valuable additional cooking facility when the kitchen is at its busiest or allows cooking or keeping food warm at the dining table and is ideal for student or senior citizen use.



Speed - Pans heat very quickly indeed and higher than normal cooking temperatures can be reached. Changing from a fast boil to a gentle simmer happens instantly at the press of a button.

Controllability - The Stellar Induction Hob allows precision control of cooking time and temperature. There are 7 selectable temperatures (120°C to 240°C).

Ease of Cleaning - Wiping the unit with a warm soapy damp cloth is usually sufficient. The Induction Hob Plate can occasionally be cleaned with