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Please Note: We will only take orders for Knives and bladed objects from those over the age of 21. All orders for these items will need to provide proof of age before the items will be shipped in packaging that shows the product contained is an age restricted item.

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Stellar Ceramic Bladed Peeler

CODE: sk77

Price: £1.99

Stellar Super Sharp Ceramic Blade Peeler.

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Polyethylene Boards - 3 Sizes

CODE: lcboard280

Polyethylene rectangular, reversible, non-toxic, non-stick and stain resistant chopping board which is gentle on knife edges. Measures 28 x 20cm Available... More
  • 28cm x 20cm 
  • 35cm x 25cm 
  • 44cm x 29cm 

Master Class Boning Knife 15cm

CODE: mcfsbone6

Masterclass Traditional Boning Knife This Masterclass traditional boning knife has a 15cm blade. Manufactured from fully forged high quality stainless... More

Master Class Paring knife 9cm

CODE: mcfspare3

Masterclass Traditional Paring Knife This Masterclass traditional paring knife has a 9cm blade. Manufactured from fully forged high quality stainless... More

Multi-Purpose Scissors

CODE: lcgpsci

Multi-purpose scissors with easy grip rubber handles. Measure 22cm.

Nylon Umbrella Food Covers (Choose Size)

CODE: lccover12

Umbrella Food Covers Nylon Umbrella Food Covers. Closes down for easy storage when not in use. The square cover protects plates of food from both dust,... More
  • 30.5cm Diameter 
  • 40.5cm 
  • 51cm 
  • 76cm 

Cling Film Foil & Kitchen Towel Dispenser

CODE: lcmultidisp

Foil and Kitchen Towel Dispenser Keep your kitchen essentials to hand with this three in one kitchen dispenser for easy access to cling film, foil and... More